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Jan 21, 2015
Suburban Chicago
For those long suffering members that endured, at present, 5 pages and 94 posts of tease, here she is.

I give to you my new to me 2011 DC-22, in Livingston Lemondrop. No real big story of stalking, or anything behind this one. Simply put. it turns out that boring conference calls are just as bad for cruising Reverb as drunk shopping is!

Was looking for an older McCarty to replace the first PRS I ever owned ('97 McCarty) that I sold long, long ago. Somehow thought about looking at Santanas and there she was. Something different! Didn't know a lot about them, and hit up the Google for some 411. Found this old thread from this forum


and this from the initial MF listing


Sent a text to Sergio to see if he could add any info, and to see what he thought about the price. "I hear they're rad" and "I've seen higher, and lower" were the responses I got. I made an offer, and the deal was done.

It's a bada$$ guitar. The stop tail, and slightly different position of the pickups give it a beefier sound than the Westie or Santana. I really, really dig it. The 59/09 are my favorite pick ups. Plus, the splits are cool. The neck feels slightly different, but I'm not sure that it is any different from the other Santanas I've owned.

Enough words. Here are some pics. First one is for @Shawn@PRS !!!







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and for the record, it took about 2 hours to get this to post. I kept getting the dreaded "internal server error" message that has been so prevalent as of late. A series of copy/paste from the original attempt to what finally got posted got it done. I was copy/paste the info from MF so you didn't have to click the link. Turns out that was driving the errors. Once I replaced the words with the link, it posted fine.
Awesome! Always have felt that these were the precursors to Mira's. And would love to have found my old Mira Ltd. Ed. somewhere on the webz. But no, as the luck of the draw would have it, my Mira was one of only a handful of Ltd Ed and someone has it squirreled away for safekeeping.

Congrats on a nice find and a tip of the old hat to you...
Any idea of the number of these produced? Since there’s two runs, are we only talking about 50?
Congrats dude , way cool.:cool:
of .course it had to be Santana shaped. After all the mighty S. Deblanc was involved (at least a little bit):D.
Have fun.