OK Guys, Where do you shop for a PRS

Man, I don't have a Santana or a Westie..... I prefer 22 fret necks. That is probably why I don't have either of them.
Many of my guitars came from Starrs Guitars in Cedaredge Colorado.

My Silver Sky and HDRX 20 amp and all of my Breedlove acoustics.

Also bought a couple of PRS guitars on Ebay and Reverb.

Facebook Marketplace too.
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The OPs bio says he's in Nashville. If that's true, you got a bunch of options locally, no?

In Dallas, I go to Toneshop and Jimmy Wallace
I’ve had great experiences with @John Mann , Rainbow Guitars in AZ, NStuff Music, @Coral Sky Music , and @Jack Gretz . Granted those weren’t specifically used, but great service overall.

I would add that I’ve almost always heard good things about the other usual high volume mom and pop PRS dealers, too - Dave’s, Brian’s, Willcutt, Wildwood, Danville. Dave’s seems to be the place for great deals, but I wouldn’t hesitate to buy something that caught my eye from anywhere listed above.
I just bought 3 used from GC online. Problem is they can be quite uninformed (to be nice) or they just flat out lie.

#1 Bought a 2020 artist grade 10 top mcarty 594 for $3100 shipped case candy ect. Called said had very fine scratches on the back thats it that wont show in pics. Get it its pretty heavily scratched all over the back and 1 really good ding and like 3 minor..... not as described but is a hell of a guitar!

#2 2014 408 just minor wipedown swirls. They just dropped the price to $2399. Get it 8 or so moderate dings on the lower back edge of the body. Not horrible but again not as the sales guy said. Still hell of a fiddle..

#3 2015 S2 Satin standard told it looked as it had never been played ever. Get it minor dings, typical satin nitro scratches all over. Has fretwear ect. Not as described.....

So just be prepared to be disappointed on conditions or plan to use the return policy!
This I don’t doubt
I am pretty sure I will but my next PRS at Danville Music. Great shop with lots of selection -- I met three people working there, and all super friendly.
The only online used guitar I've bought (traded) from a dealer was Brian's Guitars, and that went about as smoothly as it could possibly go. Great to deal with!
I bought my PRS used from Guitar Center. But the best guitar buying experience I had was from Dave's, although that was also while spending the most I have on a guitar (a Collings OM1 acoustic). I recently sold it. however.

So when perusing PRSs online I usually check out Dave's, Brian's or Wildwood.

I was recently checking out Chicago Music Exchange's PRS section in person, which was pretty cool. But then a guitar snob by the PRS display didn't like my Fender hoodie. Could have happened anywhere, I suppose.
The OPs bio says he's in Nashville. If that's true, you got a bunch of options locally, no?

In Dallas, I go to Toneshop and Jimmy Wallace
That's exactly what I thought having checked out all the great guitar stores in Nashville on a recent trip there. Gruhns! Carters! Rumble Seat! A couple other's I went to and, of course, had to do my part to financially support.

But then I saw this thread was a year and months old and just got resuscitated. I suspect the OP found something by now. I hope.