OK Guys, Where do you shop for a PRS

Dan’s Guitars in Hawaii is an authorized PRS Dealer. They have several new and used PRS guitars. You can contact them on their website and they will send pictures at dansguitars.com. There are shipping cost, but they professionally pack it. If there is a specific guitar you are looking for check them out. I purchased 6 PRS guitars from Dan and was never disappointed in their quality and service.
I just bought 3 used from GC online. Problem is they can be quite uninformed (to be nice) or they just flat out lie.

#1 Bought a 2020 artist grade 10 top mcarty 594 for $3100 shipped case candy ect. Called said had very fine scratches on the back thats it that wont show in pics. Get it its pretty heavily scratched all over the back and 1 really good ding and like 3 minor..... not as described but is a hell of a guitar!

#2 2014 408 just minor wipedown swirls. They just dropped the price to $2399. Get it 8 or so moderate dings on the lower back edge of the body. Not horrible but again not as the sales guy said. Still hell of a fiddle..

#3 2015 S2 Satin standard told it looked as it had never been played ever. Get it minor dings, typical satin nitro scratches all over. Has fretwear ect. Not as described.....

So just be prepared to be disappointed on conditions or plan to use the return policy!
My 2 favorite keepers came from CRGTR .
Sergio likes when I buy Santanas so he can buy them , some nice deals with Brian C and Bodia , MAPete
The other PRS forums ( Vintage Rocker etc ) was the place for along time.
Daves Guitars in Lacrosse Wis always seems to have a good selection of used
as does CME in Chicago
I have had great deals and experiences with a few dealers.

Willcutts, multiple guitars
Moore Guitars
Guitar Mav
Brian's Guitars
Elderly Instruments, multiple guitars

Fat Sound, I don't know if they are still in business. There were some issues there so I would probably stay away from them if the are still around.

One that is close to where I live that I would absolutely check if I were in the market is Wolfe Guitar here in Florida.

I found this after I posted. Looks like Fat Sound paid the price for the shenanigans.
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