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Not a fan of harmonicas or bagpipes but the one instrument that I cannot stand under any circumstances is the sitar. I really really really HATE the sitar. Sitar music really grates on my nerves with all that boing-a-doing-ding crap and even more annoying with those stupid drums. Even George Harrison's tracks that feature them get skipped over instantly.
If I had to go with my gut, I'd say Ravi Shankar's debut on George Harrison's "Concert for Bangladesh" was one of the the few instances where I didn't mind sitar. I think East Indian music is far more complex and intricate than many of us westerners could appreciate (even blues, funk, jazz and rock players have a difficult time relating), so there is that.

Yet, harmonica has popular roots in old time country and blues music, and made its way into jazz and rock. As an instrument, it's one of the few things I'd hoped to learn how to play as an accompaniment to acoustic guitar, but never quite got around to trying it. Had not made any resolve towards doing it, because it wasn't my style.

However, I can play the kazoo, and it's a breeze, and that works for acoustic music where singalongs go well for the crowd.
What about the Hurdy Gurdy? After she gets through Thunder Struck, it gets pretty interesting.

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I thought we might have our first artist announcement here...is this a hint????

Big NAMM announcement about an addition on to the product line?
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