Oft Overlooked Subject

We all talk about great guitar tone, but we rarely talk about great harmonica tone.

I'll start with Little Walter

Thanks for this one Shawn, it’s reminded me of my Dad playing this one years ago, when I was a kid.

Being a transplant to Chicago, I gotta go with a local cat, first.

Junior Wells

Thanks for this one JB, I recorded harp on this one about 1996, with the band that I played in at the time.

I love this song and deeply admire both guys!
One day, we can add Paco to this thread. Since Sergio thinks the harmonica is one of the worst musical instruments ever, I HAD to buy a little harmonica for Paco. :p
My hero! And if he’d just give me his address, I’d send a Kazoo so Paco could be a multi-instrumentalist.
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