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    Thanks for joining the PRS Forum! Please read our rules before posting. These rules are a working document and will change as necessary.

    We appreciate your support in making sure these rules are enforced. If you see a violation of these rules, please report it to a moderator by using the blue "! Report" button at the bottom of each post. We ask that you don't police the forum yourself and simply alert a moderator of the offending post.


    1. General Forum Conduct and Etiquette

    Our rules are simple: "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything", "treat others as you wish to be treated", etc.

    We're all here for the love of music and instruments. Please treat your fellow forum members with respect and with respect for their opinion, as different as it may be from your own. Any "trolling", personal attacks or unbecoming behavior is against forum rules and won't be tolerated (and it just makes you look bad). We won't agree on everything, but let's not focus on disagreements.

    Be kind!

    2. An All Ages Forum

    We welcome members of all ages and we ask that you keep that in mind when posting. Adult topics, imagery and language are strictly prohibited.

    3. More "Off-Limits" Topics

    We all have our own opinions and there are plenty of places to express those opinions. On some divisive topics, the PRS Forum is not the place. Keeping with the spirit of Rule #1, please talk about the following topics elsewhere:

    - Politics
    - Religion
    - Personal Disputes

    4. Dealers, Distributors and Forum Member Sales

    The PRS Forum is an information and communication site only. Please do not post items for sale or discuss retail or wholesale pricing of any kind. If you'd like to post a classified ad, there are many established websites and forums that support gear sales.

    5. Customer Support

    If you have a customer service issue or concern with your PRS product, please contact customer service at [email protected], or 410-643-9970. Customer service and support issues will only be addressed via email or phone and not on the PRS Forum.

    6. Keep it PRS

    We're a PRS specific forum, so please try to keep gear talk PRS-centric.


    See also the Terms and Rules linked here and at the bottom of the page.
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