Off-Topic: What to Do with Your Stimulus?

i’ve had a few so i’ll finally say it: ‘alfredo sauce’ is not a substitute for hollandaise. it’ll kill ya.

I usually prefer the low-calorie alfredo store-bought from the jar. And truthfully, have never enjoyed a tried and true Hollandaise sauce. The alfredo sauce is spread out over the course of 5 of 6 servings, and I usually add a bulb of garlic to the sauce to thin out the blood in case of heart concerns. Like you, I'm aware of what "healthy diet and nutrition" involves, but like others, enjoy my pasta and other treats just so other meals contribute to my health, not detract from it.
As much as I would love to get my paws on a Custom 24 Floyd, I have to do the sensible thing and pay some bills and take care of my family. I'm sure Paul would understand.

As much as I hate to say it, it's likely a buyer's market what with Covid causing folks to re-think their financial status until businesses reopen and folks who were furloughed can go back to being paid for their work. There are likely a large group of people who owned guitars who were forced to sell theirs, in order to pay their bills. While that may glut the market, it's one of the few legal recourses people have when folks are forced to tighten their belts.

With that, you may likely see the Cu24 Floyd somewhere that you might consider it, once your bills are paid. (And no, I don't know where/when that will be. my guitars are all S2s and SEs, so no Floyd here, said the rink manager.)
If you are talking about the Lodge crap, yes, seasoning cast iron sucks. That stuff is made for camping. However, one can do what I did and purchase used Griswold cast iron from estate sales. There is a night and day difference between the cast iron cookware made by Griswold and Lodge. High quality cast iron is being produced today, but it is not cheap. My newest piece of non-enameled cast iron is over 60 years old and my oldest is over 90 years old. Good cast iron is a lifetime purchase. The trick is to find the diamonds in the rough. They are the skillets with years of caked on grease from being loved. Restoring this cast iron is as simple as running it through an oven on self-clean. I personally use the yellow Easy Off method. After the cast iron has been stripped down to bare metal, I coat the entire surface with grape seed oil and put it in the oven at 350F for hour, let it cool, and repeat the process until the cast iron is a deep brown. From there, it is a matter of never using soap to clean it. I use a chain mail scrubber and hot water followed up by a light coat of grape seed oil. Nothing makes a better crust on a grilled cheese sandwich than a cast iron skillet.

I love cast iron but am now a convert to carbon steel pans. My De Buyer is my favorite pan now. Took seasoning better than cast iron too.
My new audio interface arrived Friday. A Focusrite Clarett 4Pre USB. Spent some time registering the device and installing the Focusrite Control, as well as the physical set-up.

My old Saffire PRO 40 was a firewire-400 device which required a firewire-thunderbolt 400/800 adapter, as well as a thunderbolt-USB-C adapter. It worked well, but my mindset is that the Saffire is no longer supported with Focusrite driver updates. Once Apple moves beyond Catalina, the Saffire will become a glorified paperweight. Good only for folks who plan on keeping Mojave or Catalina and not moving beyond that with their Mac devices. Not sure of the value regards Windows users, but will try to find out. Perhaps there may be some value for Win10 users beyond Win10.

Friday was filled with downloading the free DAW plug-ins offered as part of the Clarett package. Today (Saturday) my morning included crawling over the top of my audio rack desk and re-wiring my stereo receiver for my bookshelf speakers in conjunction with the Clarett. The extra pair of Clarett line-outs allows dual ¼" TS > RCA cable to the stereo. While doing so, I found an extra TRS cable which connected to my headphones for added length and reach. Makes for a cleaner look with cables behind devices and not out in the open.

Also discovered in my Music 'Preferences" under General, the "Sound Enhancer" option. Checked the box, slid the slider to the right. Holy carp! What a difference! If any of your folks have not tried this with your Mac Music yet, try it and see for yourselves with a decent pair of monitors. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised how much improvement there'll be. Much more separation and improved quality. Just a tip for Mac users, enjoy!
I love cast iron but am now a convert to carbon steel pans. My De Buyer is my favorite pan now. Took seasoning better than cast iron too.

Nice! I just got a carbon steel pan last week. I must have done a poor job seasoning cuz the beef I was browning stuck like a mother!
Well, we just bought a house and sold our current house this weekend. Closing June 1st. Haven't received any stimulus money yet, but if we do it will likely all go towards paint, fixtures, and various home projects at the new place.

Awesome! Good to hear the house is sold and This Old House is on your watch list. :)

Nice! I just got a carbon steel pan last week. I must have done a poor job seasoning cuz the beef I was browning stuck like a mother!

Must look into carbon steel skillets...own a medium-size wok that took well to seasoning with peanut oil. Hope that carbon steel will also be my cup of tea...
Nice! I just got a carbon steel pan last week. I must have done a poor job seasoning cuz the beef I was browning stuck like a mother!

It took me several cooks before it really developed that patina. It's very dark now, but smooth. Give it a few more cooks, it'll come around!
Wife and I used ours to pay off the HELOC we had to take out on our house a few years ago. We had to take it out to cover the loss I took on a condo I bought before we got married. Really wish I had that $50k loss back.
I was supposed to be winding down in my current position, but the distancing has put a delay on finding my replacement. I think I will be stashing my stimulus money until I am in my next position and am sure I don’t need it for food. I would like to help out my local store if I can, so maybe a little something from them and then stash the rest. I have been looking at the Boss RV500.
Sold my old Saffire PRO 40 and associated computer adapters in one day yesterday. Happy that the old Focusrite is going to a new home that already has a studio, and that the buyer knows how to work with the Saffire. Computer adapters Firewire 800>T-Bolt 1 / 2 & T-Bolt 1 / 2 > T-Bolt 3 [USB-C] made some cash as well.

Thunderstorms expected in New England 2 - 6 PM this afternoon. Battening down the hatches so the backyard doesn't blow away.