Obscure Bands and slightly odd music.

speaking of ringtones, do you often change your phone ringtone?
I found a site with interesting ringtones https://ringtoneline.com
Not often, the novelty has worn off. Either a really loud and jarring one so I hear it (my personal phone), or more subtle and quiet so I don’t ( my work phone).

I had some app or website that let my import some of Hocus Pocus, trim it to the core lick, and convert it to whatever ringtone files are.
In the 90's, I and some friends met some Gypsy Jazz cats ( Hot Club De Zigan ) at a festival in Minnesota and had a great time listening to them play as well as partying in the evenings when they were done playing! Not much material out there I can find, but I have been listening to their "Adagio" album from them ever since. Every time one of their songs comes on my random play, I smile in part because of all the good times we had, but also because I just really like their music ;~))
Friend of mine turned me on to these guys back in the day. He grew up with some of the band members in El Paso.