Nut Slot SE Custom 24


New Member
Sep 14, 2022
Hey everyone, just inquiring about an issue I've never worked on before, and it's in regard the nut slot on the G string on my SE Custom 24.

Guitar is set up to PRS specs as best as I can do (would love lower action but it seems like the .008 relief and 5/64 across the board is where this one wants to be). It's intonated properly at the 12th fret, but my fretted chords throughout the neck that include the G string just sound off to my ear. Used my nut height gauge that came with my Music Nomad setup kit and it looks like there's definitely a gap on the G string at the first fret, and MAYBE a slight gap on the B and high E, but very close, might want to file those down too.

So, I understand the concept, but I've never done it. I also dont want to spend $100+ on a file kit I might not use all the much, and I really only need the one string size right now (playing EB Hybrid's, so it's a .017 in this case for the G).

Anyone have experience with this, or have some alternatives to the nicer expensive sets of files that will work for the time being?