NuGD....stable was missing something


I believe that is Eriza Verde. I have an old SC Trem that is Emerald Green and it is much darker green than that.
I would agree. Although, Emerald seems to have changed a lot over the years. At least by searching for PRS Emerald Green and looking at pics.
2020 Paul's Guitar, 10 Top, in Emerald Green. I have owned a couple of Paul's in the past (and an ME-V 2020 Exp Ltd). One from the "first generation" with a trem, and a 2018 Exp Ltd, and missed having one. Wasn't really looking, but watching. Seller was listed high, and then made two substantial price drops to actually bring it lower than I thought it should have been. Had to jump. I haven't had a green guitar since I bought a Clapton in Seven-Up Green back in '88. That one is LONG gone (too bad...great neck). I dig the color, and also the back and neck. Some nice character to the back, and a little ribbon on the neck. Green strap from Heistercamp is on order (thanks @LSchefman for turning me onto them). No more to the story. On to some pics.






Stellar find! What a beautiful instrument.