NuGD: P245 is Core #2


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Jan 5, 2023
G-scale singlecuts hit the sweet spot here, most likely from having an LP for 48 years. It's been a year since the Stripped 58 came into the fold and during that year I'd been watching this P245 at GC. Even a year ago it was cheaper than anything on the 'verb and every few months GC dropped the price so when it got within 10% of the Stripped 58 price it seemed time to pounce.

Like almost all the other GC guitars it needed some love: fresh set of D'Addario .010's, polished frets, oiled fretboard, light buffing and finally loosening the push-pull action on the tone pot, which probably hadn't been in the split coil mode for years. With that, it cleaned up pretty nicely.

Ideally it would be a semi-hollow but what I really wanted was the stoptail bridge with the piezo for that additional range of sound. The piezo sounds great although I'm still learning about the best effects to give it. So far the acoustic IR's haven't really added too much.
Edit: I started using the appropriate piezo->acoustic IR's, from both Worship Tutorials (free) and from 3 Sigma and both sound amazingly good thru the FM9. Now I see what huge value piezo adds.
A surprise was that the 58/15 non-LT's rock thru anything approaching a dimed Plexi and are a great compliment to the Stripper.

I'm also a big fan of the Pattern neck and like it better than the PV carve on the S2 594. Other nice parts are the rosewood headstock overlay, the tight grain on the dark fretboard and I finally get birds with some color in them (apparently they're abalone which is personally great since we used dive for abalone off Catalina Island long ago). And it's nice being happy with the pickups since I would dread playing around in the control cavity.






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Now I know why they say they can't retrofit a piezo system into a guitar that was not originally built with it. Seems like a really limiting way to go about integrating the electronics, but okay.