NUGD a true classic

What are the chances to be able to land one of those?? It's a truly awesome guitar!
incredible. Is a a redwood top mellow or bright?
Not plugged in I t’s very loud and balanced. plugged in It’s not like a custom 24 where the bridge pickup is HFS. This guitar uses Vintage Bass Limited Edition pickups in both positions neck and bridge. I’m not sure if these pups are wound differently than normal Vintage Bass pups. I suspect not but if anyone has any information regarding the pups please chime in. Not sure if I can get to it today but I’ll try to post a couple sound clips on SoundCloud.
Here is a tone sound clip. Just jamming out to jazzy backing track. Just kind of off the cuff one take, some stuff is off, but you’ll get the idea. Clean tones I go from pickup positions 54321 and on the dirty tones I worked my way back up 12345. Recorded on an iPhone near my Bose speaker playing the backing track and my Fender Princeton.

I will say this guitar is brighter. I need some mid range EQ. But I left all my settings, the same as the hollowbody tone exercise I recorded in a previous thread.