NUGD! 06 Singlecut Standard Satin


NJ Devil
Apr 27, 2012
New Jersey

The hunt for one of these is complete.:D
It popped up on Reverb, made an offer, 22 hours later the Brown Truck dropped it off. Too easy!
(Thank you, Rick at )
This guitar is loud unplugged. Really LOUD. Super resonate. The #6 pickups aren’t too bad. Liking the low end punch, but they’re not too clear. Time will tell if they stay.
Early honeymoon phase, but there’s something going on here that seems to mesh with how and what I play.
I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago that I wondered why I slept on these Singlecuts. When my I told my wife what year this guitar was, she replied “Oh, nice. The year Sal (our son) was born!” Ahh. That explains it!:p:D