That's why they're called 'heirloom' guitars. How better to document their creation? Very classy...very cool. :beer:
Wow, that is totally awesome!!

What would you charge me to do that for mine?? ;)

Totally cool, great idea!
There's bound to be a framer in your area that can handle the work.

Ha! I know, I was just bustin' your chops. ;)

You did a great job with how you put those together. I still have several picture framing projects from some of the band stuff I have been meaning to do for a while, you have inspired me to add this concept to the to-do list for the Private Stocks I have personally spec'ed...
So I've come back to this thread several times to admire the paisley 4x12 with you PS leaning against it. Which gave me the idea.......

...wait for it...

BLACK PAISLEY 4x12s!!!!!