NPD- Scored a pair of Artist Pickups


New Member
Aug 24, 2012
Can't wait to get them.. May put them into my '95 Custom. very excited to find a set in this condition. love these pickups.
Sweet! I've been wanting to try a set of these for a while myself. When I bought my '96 Custom the previous owner had a set of "just ok" DiMarzio pups installed and of course didn't keep the originals. So I set out to find some PRS pups and it came down between a set of black bobbin w/gold poles Artist pickups or a sweet set of the original Dragon I pups that looked a little rough. I ended up going with the DI's but I put a set of covers on them from dome Modern Eagle RP pickups to hide the damage... Needless to say, very cool but I still wanna try done Artist pups!!!
Well that is what I am gonna do. replace my D1s and see which I like better. I used to have a set and loved them..