NPD - But Not Like Brent's NPD


Zombie Four, DFZ
Apr 28, 2012
New PICK day - well, delayed a day because I forgot last night.


Picks cut from recycled vinyl albums. Found them on on Pi Day and there was no way I was resisting them. Pretty cool - and an idea I wish I'd come up with.


Make music from music.

Ah, records - those musical discs from the past that so many children nowadays think are the stuff of fiction. The good news, however, is twofold. First, more and more artists are releasing music on records again. YAY. And second, a bunch of those old records that no longer play are being turned into guitar picks. Yup, you read that right! The music of yesteryear can be turned into the music of this-teryear with a set of these Recycled Record Guitar Picks.

Each set of Recycled Record Guitar Picks will score you six picks. Each pick is hand cut from old vinyl records and then the edges are sanded smooth. Who knows what music used to be on them, but just think of all the music that will exist because of them! It's like you can take the magic of the old records and use their soul to inspire your own tunes. Recycled Record Guitar Picks - the right way to recycle music!

Recycled Record Guitar Picks

  • Cut by hand from old records that don't play any more.
  • Hand smoothed edges for a comfy feel.
  • Produces a crisper sound than the standard (boring!) nylon pick.
  • Because these are made from real records by hand, the patterns will be as varied as the music that was once audible from the records.
  • Pick Gauge between 1.25-1.55mm (varies based on records made)
  • Six Pack! That's right, you get 6 per order (gauges will vary).
  • Dimensions: approx. 1.87" x 1"

Tried one last night - I won't make any tone claims, but they're pretty damn cool. Two issues - one, they're sanded smooth. And I mean smooth - as smooth as Shirley Manson's voice. I mean seriously smooth. The other issue is that some of them seemed a bit rough or nicked around the pointy end. I haven't tried any of those, but I suspect I may have to treat them a bit (so I bought a $4 set of files at Harbor Freight, just for this!).
Happy New Pick Day, not sure about using picks made from recycled vinyl, unless there's some mojo coming from the artist whose record was sacrificed....personally I use Red Bear picks.