Now you see it, now you don't


May 23, 2012
Been waiting on GC to get the SE Angelus Standard with piezo in stock. I checked the website on Feb. 7 and it showed up as "Just Arrived." I've got a bunch of gift cards to GC, but they only take up to three on the website; in the store they can combine more, so I figured I'd hit the store on the weekend to order one. But the listing was gone from the website the next day! Not even an option to backorder. What gives? I get that these guitars are in demand, but the Angelus Custom with piezo has been in stock for weeks and weeks so I don't think they just sold out in a day. Anybody know what's up?
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Looks like it's available again! I hit the store as soon as I saw it back on the website this morning. They only had three in stock when they looked it up in the store, I guess they're down to two now. ;) So I'm guessing they got one in stock last week and it sold immediately.

Whatever the case, my order has been placed and shipped. I can't wait!