Nothin but the Blues

Mentioning The Taj Mahal Sextet recently because of its Grass Roots style, I underline the attraction of the band.
I'm not very much into Country, maybe because I'm not resident of the USA and not raised with this style. I discovered Hollywood actors approach to Country though, Jeff Bridges for example, or Kiefer Sutherland. His bandmate on guitar is Michael Gurley, one of my all time Strat players, since I saw him with his band dada (from California, Dizz Knee Land as one of their most famous songs) opening for Sting with their debut Puzzle.
Back to The Taj Mahal Sextet. Guitarist Trey Hensley sings the main vocals on this tune. His voice is my role model for country style music.
I was at a show years ago at the Keystone Palo Alto when Canned Heat was opening up for Spirit, After their set Bear and his lady were looking for a seat , we had a front row table and invited them to sit with us ... Man o man what a treat , I'd been playing harp for years at the time and he gave me lots of great tips .. Gatemouth was a multi instrumental bad ass and had been a Sheriff ! He passed on '05
still rockin .. and now playing a Zack

I can't believe I've never heard of her! Especially since she came out at the same time...

I DID discover Samantha Fish early on...

This is the actual show I went to... saw she was blues, saw she was cute, but never heard of her... live was the first time I heard her music, been a fan ever since.

And pics, just because I still have a little crush on her LOL