Non 10 Top quilts/wood library?


It's a '59 with 4 knobs
May 3, 2021
What’s goodie,

Was wondering if PRS made Core guitars with quilt tops that aren’t 10 Tops or Wood Library.
For the most part, no. I think some slipped out years ago, but I quilt is pretty much reserved for Wood Library, the occasional limited edition, and Private Stock these days.
I’ve heard quilt is getting more and more rare, which is why it takes a WL build to get it. Occasionally a top sneaks out in a non-WL build that might be somewhere between quilt and flame.

2010 custom 24. This was ordered with the optional quilt 10 top but was down rated so there's no "10" on the back of the headstock.
I would say look at dealer runs at the s2 and CE level if you are interested in a non top 10 quilt. But of course it’s no core and most of the time the quilts are not nearly as insane as 10 top
I will say it's near impossible to find one though...
You found one pretty quickly!

I guess since those days PRS realised that they could charge like a wounded rhino for prettier tops with a little ‘10’ on the back :)
I'm curious about this because I've seen painted tops, that the dealer lists as W.L.

The back is usually superior grade Korina or Mahogany.

Wood library, as I remember it being explained in the factory, is a limited run of guitars where dealers can come in and pick from the wood library with the requirement that each unique model have at least one duplicate. I also want to say the minimum order was 10 guitars but I don't remember for sure on that.

So it's like private stock but instead of one-offs you get two-offs at the very least with limited options.