NOGD - Artist I - Thanks 11top!

Great story!
I've belonged to a few other forums for cars, ATV's and whatnot and there have been some pretty good people on there, but this forum has far more genuinely good people on here who are kind, generous and just willing to help especially when it comes to doing the right thing.
Oh and welcome aboard!
Hi all,

First post here. I want to share a story about getting a PRS guitar back after 23 years.

In 1990 I was touring around the US and took to PRS guitars. I gigged with a Mahogany Standard and a Purple custom. I also worked at a music store in Colorado where I decided, in '91, to custom order my 1st high-end guitar. That would be a PRS Artist I in quilt w/their new stop tailpiece. I remember going over specs with my rep, Harry Warman and having Mike Deely take the order and confirm that all was set. As a 24-year old musician, this was a big deal and a stretch financially.

The guitar blew my mind when it arrived. The top was an epic flamed quilt. The color was incredible. I asked for Tortoiseshell but it came out looking like a pre-PS Tiger's Eye. I was so impressed that I ended up ordering an Artist II and Limited to form a set. The Artist I was my favorite of the bunch for it had the most vibrant color and depth of top.

Unfortunately in 1997 I had to sell all 3 guitars. It was a bummer to say the least but hey, I was a kid and struggling financially. Since then, i've built up my guitar collection to include pre-cbs Fenders, pre-Norlin Gibsons and Gustavssons. For some reason I haven't owned a PRS since the 90's. Though, I have always wondered where the Artist I was. It represented a time of my life where I was immersed in musicianship and learning a ton about life.

About 6 months ago I put a PRS Artist alert notification on a guitar site and left it at that. Lo and behold, last month my PRS Artist shows up. I recognized it instantly and was a bit dumbfounded that it was actually there on the screen. I contacted the seller and explained to him that I was the original owner of the guitar and i'd love to get it back. The seller, @11top replied, "I remember you, you sold me those three Artist guitars years ago." (23 years to be exact).

Well, I got my Artist 1 back. It was synchronistic for I took delivery the day after my 54th birthday. Steve was a gentleman in the deal and I am happy as can be to have what represents my younger self back in my possession. It plays better than I remember and the wide-fat neck feels so good. I am digging the sounds from the Artist pickups. I feel like I drank the kool-aid again. I'm already looking at what could be my next PRS...

Thanks for letting me share this story. The forum seems supportive and I felt this was a good one to post.

Holy crap. Totally awesome !
Fantastic! Steve is indeed an awesome guy, and it is such great karma when someone gets re-united with their guitar!

Awesome looking axe - definitely a beauty!
All around awesome
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That guitar! Holy cow, PS worthy top and an Artist I 24 fret hardtail?!?
Man, that’s a great story so thanks for sharing it here. Congratulations at being reunited!