NOGD - Artist I - Thanks 11top!


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Sep 18, 2020
Seattle, WA
Hi all,

First post here. I want to share a story about getting a PRS guitar back after 23 years.

In 1990 I was touring around the US and took to PRS guitars. I gigged with a Mahogany Standard and a Purple custom. I also worked at a music store in Colorado where I decided, in '91, to custom order my 1st high-end guitar. That would be a PRS Artist I in quilt w/their new stop tailpiece. I remember going over specs with my rep, Harry Warman and having Mike Deely take the order and confirm that all was set. As a 24-year old musician, this was a big deal and a stretch financially.

The guitar blew my mind when it arrived. The top was an epic flamed quilt. The color was incredible. I asked for Tortoiseshell but it came out looking like a pre-PS Tiger's Eye. I was so impressed that I ended up ordering an Artist II and Limited to form a set. The Artist I was my favorite of the bunch for it had the most vibrant color and depth of top.

Unfortunately in 1997 I had to sell all 3 guitars. It was a bummer to say the least but hey, I was a kid and struggling financially. Since then, i've built up my guitar collection to include pre-cbs Fenders, pre-Norlin Gibsons and Gustavssons. For some reason I haven't owned a PRS since the 90's. Though, I have always wondered where the Artist I was. It represented a time of my life where I was immersed in musicianship and learning a ton about life.

About 6 months ago I put a PRS Artist alert notification on a guitar site and left it at that. Lo and behold, last month my PRS Artist shows up. I recognized it instantly and was a bit dumbfounded that it was actually there on the screen. I contacted the seller and explained to him that I was the original owner of the guitar and i'd love to get it back. The seller, @11top replied, "I remember you, you sold me those three Artist guitars years ago." (23 years to be exact).

Well, I got my Artist 1 back. It was synchronistic for I took delivery the day after my 54th birthday. Steve was a gentleman in the deal and I am happy as can be to have what represents my younger self back in my possession. It plays better than I remember and the wide-fat neck feels so good. I am digging the sounds from the Artist pickups. I feel like I drank the kool-aid again. I'm already looking at what could be my next PRS...

Thanks for letting me share this story. The forum seems supportive and I felt this was a good one to post.