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Sep 10, 2021
So today my new S2 Studio showed up a day earlier than expected. Played it for about an hour. This is by far my favorite neck pickup in my collection right now. I’m really glad I got it!

Desperately needs a setup and new strings.

In addition to this being NGD, it’s NGM (new guitar month) with 4 new PRSs this month. Added to my PRS from 2021, I now have 5. Not bad for a guy who considers himself a bassist.

Long stressful day. Pics of the whole family coming tomorrow.

It was posts in this forum leading me to pulling the trigger on this last one. I think a Dustie Waring CE is my next one when I can find a blue one for the right price.
Hell yeah! Glad to hear that you're navigating the Slippery Slope well. One question does beg to be answered; what's next?? :p
Dustie Waring CE in blue? Semi-hollow vela? Not sure. I’m actually a bassist. I need to slow down for a minute. I have some more custom basses coming in the next year that make these PRSs feel very reasonably priced.