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Jan 1, 2020
Some will have seen my other thread deciding what to buy... well it arrived today.

Can you guess?






I've had a little bit of a fiddle already, and I'm happy so far. This evening I'll swap the buttons out for Schaller locks so I can put my strap on it and give it a more extensive play.
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Some background:

I already own a Core Custom 24 and an American Ultra Strat, and wanted something hollow to round out my collection. I don't want to be 'a collector', but do want to cover all the bases in as few guitars as possible, and as lovely guitars as possible. And I think this one makes the collection complete*.

I went to a shop to try some, pretty confident I'd be walking out that day with an ES-335. I tried a few ES-series guitars. While I loved the tones, I was disappointed in the quality and finishing. I wasn't pleased with the playability, but I didn't expect that to be great. So I tried, among other things, a PRS HB2 and HB McCarty. Loved the way they felt. The best looking one in the shop was a McCarty in Trampas Green. I was attracted to it mainly because of the contrast of stained figured front against the natural sides.

I went away for a think, and decided I'd prefer the piezo functionality over the push-pull functionality, so wanted a HB2 Piezo.
Scoured the country for a colour I liked that looks like a good piece of wood. Bought this one.

*I will concede that 2 years ago when I bought the custom24, I thought that would be versatile enough that I would only need one guitar in my collection. But it turns out I'm weaker than I thought. But now I really do think these 3 will render my collection complete**.

**ok, maybe not quite. I'd still like a private stock some day. Maybe in years to come when the mortgage is paid off
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Congratulations! I have thought for 20 years now that the PRS Hollowbody II design is unique, innovative, practical - and very beautiful to boot.

I don't know what your practice/playing environment is like, specifically if you are able to crank it up. But if you can ...

The HB-II can reach a point before feedback, depending on the room space, where the top is vibrating and the air in the f-holes breathes gently on your inner arm.

Talk about "calling you by your secret name"!

Welcome to the club - play it with joy.

Oh, the complete collection! Good luck with that!! When I got my HBII in Feb this year (first PRS I ever touched or played), it was the best playing guitar I had ever fondled, and the tones were phenomenal!!! I must say though, my PS CU24 plays and sounds even better (albeit different tones for sure), so I would say do take that leap at some point, even if in the same model!!!! Congrats on a very tasty score and cheers to many more!!!!!