You plug it in, it turns you on.
Dec 26, 2019
So as some of you know, at first I ordered a SE Standard in Bay Bridge Blue as a SE Custom was out of my budget. There was some confusion about the gig bag, should it come in one or not? So many different stories.

When I spoke to the shop where I ordered it, it came clear that here in Sweden only the Customs come with a gig bag. During that conversation we also spoke about the Customs in general and that it was sadly out of my budget. The employee of the shop asked me if I had something to trade in and make my budget grow a bit. I completely forgotten about a Fender Hot-Rod Deluxe speaker cabinet which I still had standing around. Send them some pictures and got an estimate on it. As according to my opinion, the trade in value was kind of low so decided to put it online and see if I could sell it myself. And I did, got almost double their trade in value. The Custom was now in reach as due my trading the difference was now only $15.

Today I made a 500km trip to the store to exchange the Standard for a Custom Zebrawood. Guitar looked really nice and to my surprise this one was still from the Korean factory. Also I found a card from the PRS European Tech Centre. Absolute no brainer, paid that $15 with a big smile on my face.

She is a keeper!




Even though it is just a veneer, the woodgrain of the zebrawood has got so much dept do it. They really did an outstanding job on it.