NGD: Wood Library Tremonti


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May 3, 2016
Hey guys, she’s finally here! My first US PRS.
For you guys that are following, I started a thread a few weeks back from some help on finding an Artist Tremonti. Was thinking of merging these two threads, but where’s the fun in that. You don’t get to make that coveted NGD post everyday.

So my search for an artist Tremonti (just really wanted abalone inlays is all) lead me to talking to the lovely people at Wildwire Guitars in the UK because they had a Wood library /Artist top and neck Tremonti in copperhead. I really would’ve loved yellow tiger with a natural back but this guitar was killer. I quickly realized how lovely the guitar was and the specs were just absolutely spanking. The inlays were gorgeous. I pulled the trigger, after some quick advice form you guys and she’s finally here.

Sorry for the long post but I’m basking in the glory of my first US PRS and the fact that she’s a real treat...

Thanks to all of you cool cats who responded, and advised and answered my silly questions. Buying a guitar to the tune of 5500 us online is quite nerve wracking re:quality/ is it scratched etc.....

Anyway, to sum it up, it’s just a pure quality experience! Everything is oozing with the lovely trimmings of a beautiful instrument.

The quality of the paisley case, and the internals are really a nice!

Moving on, copperhead is just a natural stain with a hint of orange/ brown.. but it looks so gorgeous. The figuring of this maple top is artist grade and it’s to me perfect. The neck is flamed maple in copperhead stain, and the headstock
And fretboard- ziricote.

Mark’s early work with creed where he’d write these beautifully clean compositions, made me want to play guitar. I heard the intro to stand here with me, and asked a friend, what instrument is playing that. I then realized I needed to learn to play guitar.

Neck pickup is warm and beefy. Can coax overdriven or just creamy notes depending on how I dug in.

The middle position is perfect for adding twang to do some clean chording..

The bridge is pretty hot with distorted tones. The chords sound so fat and there’s this nice feedback harmonic kinda resonance on the open chords. That was pleasant..
Cranking my Rectoverb amp, the distorted tones are tight but the clarity is astounding. Didn’t know heavy distortion could sound so good hahahah...

Sorry for the long write up. Nothing you guys haven’t heard or read or experienced before but I’m a really proud owner. Wanted this guitar since the day I got my SE SC 13 years ago!


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Jul 17, 2019
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Oh yeah, this is a heckuva day for you! That is one unbelievable beauty, glad you're even happier now that it's arrived! May you love it long time!