Sweet as sweet! Red can't be all unapproving with it. She took the picture! Although, that may be a ploy to throw off law enforcement.

DING DING DING! She watches a lot of CSI...she's been eerily quiet and Stepford Wife like...then outta the blue she asked, If I knew anyone with a Backhoe...o_O
Or in France. I cannot speak a word of English when it suits me so if the redhead came knocking here, Guitare? Quelle guitare? Je ne sais rien d'une guitare!

You're welcome :)

J'aime où ta tête est à...

I don't speak French...Googled it...:D
You're now in the best position to tell me if I NEED one.

I'll wait....... ;)

Congrats, sir. Looks awesome.