NGD - Tremonti SE Custom - Pictures!


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May 15, 2012
Philadelphia, PA
First PRS I actually buy new. The specs are so great that I couldn't resist. Got it yesterday but couldn't enjoy it due to the Sandy Hurricane preparations. A little bittersweet as I am enjoying something new, when so many around just lost everything... but life must go on.

Looks and feels amazing. The 245 pickups sound great too. The thick body and added weight gives me a great feeling as if I was holding an US model. It is close to the 9 pounds. Hard to explain, but my '08 singlecut SE is so slim and lightweight (Low 6 pounds) that I never got used to it.

Here I post lots of stock pictures for those still debating about getting one. Already have US Tremonti pups, electronics and knobs, Phase II Tunners, US Tremolo ready to be installed. It will be a keeper after that.

Click for giants

Here is how it compares to an older SE singlecut and an US model. My SC babies...

Closer to the high end model, even in its stock state

Looks a little thicker than the US one. I think that is due to the flatter carve

The only thing I found somewhat odd is that the backplate cover for the tremolo system actually sits over the top of the guitar. I think it may be the same for other SEs with trems. The border shape of the cover is not carved to make the cover sit leveled with the guitar top. Thought it was odd as the other two cavities are leveled. Good area for a future mod.

Very nice!
I hope mine will ship soon from PRS to my dealer.

The pickups are a little hotter on these say than my Santana and Custom 24 right?

I like the comparison you did too with the other guitars.
Your pics also show more of the gray/black detail the the ones on Sweetwaters site.
I really like the gray/black combo, looks very nice.
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Very nice, and congrats on the new fiddle. Gotta agree too, your pics really help lend more to how it really looks as far as the flame, body thickness and a bit of the bevel
Mine just arrived too. Haven't looked at it fully yet (I'm at work), but it's a heavy sucker just like I hoped it would be! I'll start my own thread too when I get home.
WOW...that looks nice!! Making me rethink getting one in black, didn't like it before...but after seeing it in your pics it looks sweet....especially after the upgrades your doing!!
I will snag plenty of pics too next weekend if mine arrives.
After seeing the above pics, I really like the gray/black.
I really loved it when I saw it in person. Didn't like what I had seen online and got it for the specs. I was the one crying for a Red Cherry one, but I am really happy with this color. Most of the pics I had seen from sellers were very dark or with flashes that really do them no justice. That's why I wanted to take some that resembled how I see it in person, unedited and with no flash.

This is the pic of this same guitar from the online listing so you can get an idea of what I am talking about. To be honest I was not very happy with my purchase until I got it.