NGD! This one is a keeper...

That is a tasty looking instrument - classy and badass at the same time. Excellent taste - play the snot outta her!
Thanks again everyone. Played it plugged in for the first time at practice last night, it easily has met all expectations. :cool: Now if I can talk them into covering Metalingus...
Did you have the option of picking how the flame top looks? I've noticed some of the charcoal contour burst look different as in they're are more charcoal lines in the finish if that makes sense. I am wanting to order one but I want the flame to look more defined if thats possible.
I had the option to order this guitar with an artist package or 10 top. However, I'm very happy with ordering it as a contour burst without the 10 top. I'd say spend the extra money on the artist package or the 10 top to get those more defined lines.

I still think mine looks great and get compliments on it all the time. Here is a picture from a gig I had last weekend.

Looks good man! I have just seen some non 10 top on Fret 12's site that were charcoal contour burst, and had a different look. I was just curious to see if there were extra options I didn't know about. Thanks man!