NGD! This Fiore is on fire!


So many guitars, not enough time
May 7, 2022
Oh, man, after being disappointed that I really didn't like Fender Tele's, I blindly bought this used baby and SO GLAD I did! This thing is awesome! The neck is different than most PRS guitars but after a few minutes, it just feels right. And it's a beaut!
Haven’t seen on yet, how would you describe the neck as it is different from other PRS necks?
Based on the ones I've played/own (594, 594 HB, CU24, CE22, SS), the neck I guess they would say is satin feel. It feels narrower and the neck is more round especially towards the head. This Youtube video does a better description of it than I could since I tend not to know or focus on the actual technical specs of a guitar. I hope this helps?