NGD - Special Semi-Hollow (Orange Tiger)

I've historically not been a huge PRS guy but really love the tones that John Mayer gets with Dead & Company and fell in love with the Super Eagle model. However, like most of us, it was definitely beyond my price range. I've tried to scratch the itch a couple different ways but ultimately decided to just find a used Special Semi-Hollow. I found a good deal and it arrived today. I sold quite a bit of nice kit to make it happen and I have no regrets.

I have a complex relationship with humbuckers and I'm pleased to say the 58/15MT's really are excellent pickups both full on and tapped. They are clear and sweet in almost every configuration. This guitar can definitely get to many classic tones we all know and love, but this guitar is its own thing and is mostly concerned with sounding like itself. For me it is a perfect instrument. There's really nothing I would change (except for maybe some two tone hardware just because brass looks awesome against darker finishes). If you've been on the fence about snatching one of these up, go for it! You won't regret it.

Ooof, so nice!
Let's definitely keep taking about how awesome these things are! I cannot get enough of these pictures, and I'm sharing mine at every opportunity!

I adore that orange color too! Every time I think I've seen them all... It's so cool!

Maybe a "Special Semi-Hollow Club" thread dedicated to discussion and pics?