NGD (sort of)


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Feb 20, 2017
Newly acquired PRS 2012 SC 58 and replaced the 57/08 neck with a new Tremonti and she's a screamer now....!!! I haven't really scene the Black Teal color, nor the Bronze Bird inlays before....was wondering if this this guitar was a custom either case, I'm glad I sold a DC Les Paul to fund this beauty....its a great player and just a way better guitar IMO.

The Tremonti in the neck is an interesting choice. Interested in selling the 57/08?

I knew what I was getting with the 57/08's....the neck 57/08 bass PUP is awesome, but I read quite a few reviews of the neck 57/08 and agree that the bass response is too low for my taste and within a couple of days knew I wanted to change it out. I know the MT treble PUP has a high output (15k), but if you haven't tried one you should, its amazingly quite and cleans up great with the volume dialed back....its my favorite PRS pickup....but also dig my 58/15's in my Santana....but too expensive on the after market.
Teal black is a gorgeous color, and your new guitar is so cool looking! For a long time it was only available on Artist package models, though I guess that changes year to year.

I always dug the inlays from that year.