NGD!! signed Tremonti Goldtop!


getting stuff signed is cool!
Hey Mike, I'm sure I could probably figure it out...(???), but who signed the back of the "F" style (Knaggs??) Headstock???

Bill, that is my '93 SRV Stratocaster that I bought new. I think in '97 or '98, I had the chance to meet the one person who could sign a Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster...that's Jimmie Vaughan's work.

what a gem.....always wanted a gold top of a Gibby or PRS....beautiful....
She's a beauty! Was told its an Artist package. But I don't see how with a painted top. Still a very beautiful guitar! Plays and sounds great!!

Is'nt the Artist grade flametop actually underneath the Goldtop finish in the case of solid colours?