NGD. Short scale and RW neck make a camper happy

Steve,If I may be so bold as to ask; how many wood specimens, of the finest forests through out the globe, have you managed to amass in the vaults of your humble abode?

I’m interpreting your question as “wood specimens” that have not been made into a finished product, specifically guitars. I don’t really know how many. I inherited my affinity for figured wood from my dad, who already had a fair stash of both indigenous and exotics, which he left with me. I’ve added quite a few over the years with more of an emphasis on shotgun and especially guitar builds. I have fair amount of building stock accumulated, but I don’t have an inventory.
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Congrats, that’s a beauty! I hear short scale lengths with RW necks are a pretty good combination? :p
That’s the one with Dino Cicarelli and Brian Lawton, right?
nooooot exactly....

Incredible acquisition as usual Steve! I gotta say, the figure and chevron of this top puts many private stocks to shame. This one is totally up your alley.
It’s a stunner .... and I love them rosewood necks!! Congratulations.