NGD - SE Tremonti Custom!


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Oct 18, 2012
So, got this yesterday and haven't had a chance to really take pics, and the camera I have is crap. So, instead, I'm gonna start with a question:

This is my first black-gray guitar. My other flame maple (veneer) topped guitar is my Torero. It has no real apparent seam. Is this seam, and I mostly mean the lighter parts (that I can highlight if it's not obvious what I mean) which I apologize for this crappy photo, normal? I'm torn between "Oooh, it doesn't look perfect like the photo on the PRS guitar page" and going, "It's beautiful regardless."

Yes, I'm picky. Feel free to tell me if I'm being a dumb-ass and should just enjoy my new guitar. ;)


Either way, more pics to come and more thoughts on this awesome addition to my collection and to the PRS SE line in general!
I think I don't understand exactly what you are talking about. Very hard to see from this picture. Do you mean that the flame on one side is darker than on the other?

SE tops vary a lot. Some show it more than others. My '08 SE has something similar and is more pronounced than other areas.

It is normal and can be even be seen sometimes on the US models.
Nah, look where the two sides meet. In the middle, especially below the bridge, there's a bit of a lighter colored line/seam. I wish I had a better camera, this one is just a piece of crap and I'm one of the three remaining people in the country without a smartphone. ;)

I'm sure it's just a thing I'm being goofy about. Besides, the alternative would be to send this back and risk getting another one that's the same or doesn't look as good. I think I was just a little surprised. The pics from Sweetwater and the PRS site looked seamless, which is also how my Torero is. However, between my guitar and a few ebay listings/non-profession shots, it looks like a lot of these look like mine. Take this for instance:


It's more pronounced here. See what I mean?
Checked my Torero real closely, and I guess it has the same thing. It's just not as easy to see, since we're talking blue vs. grey.
Exactly. On the promo/official shots, there's no line. It just blends perfectly. On mine, there's a bit of a discernable line of sorts.
So, generally, this is just how flame maple tops are? That's fine. I'm sure that's why they have 10 tops also, which I'm sure are flawless. ;)
This is an easy one. If it bugs you (and clearly it does), just return it and get one that sets your heart on fire.
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This is an easy one. If it bugs you (and clearly it does), just return it and get one that sets your heart on fire.

I thought about it, but it seems pretty nitpicky. Plus, we're talking 3 weeks basically (ship back to my guy, have him reorder, wait for that to ship, etc) for something that might be the same or more blatant. It's a beautiful guitar, and looking around it does appear to be a common thing. So...I'm gonna think it over. Give it a few days and see how I feel.
Taking a chance on mine, as i never see it until it has been modified by my dealer.
Sure it will be OK, happy with the other three so far.
Yeah, I think I was just worried it might be a case of, "Oh, you got a dud. That's not supposed to happen."

Seems like it's something that's perfectly normal though, unless someone else wants to pop up and correct me.
Pretty normal i'd say. I have a noticable seam on my Bernie:


Not massively noticable in that pic but it's there. I think it stands out on yours a little more because of the grey / black colouring.

If the guitar plays and sounds great I wouldn't worry at all. Some may have a more perfect looking seam but it seems pretty minor in the grand scheme of things.

If it does still bug you in a day or two then send it back or you may never gel with it. but if everything else is A OK then you'll completely forget about the minor quirk.

Don't forget, the US guitars are much more expensive, and one of those reasons is that you're paying a premium for perfection. Also you've got solid maple tops on some of the US guitars but the SE's are a very thin veneer on top of the maple.
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You can see a seam on my Santana and my Custom 24 here.
I do not really pay much attention to it though.

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This is an easy one. If it bugs you (and clearly it does), just return it and get one that sets your heart on fire.

I really thought about this, and ultimately I decided you're right. I'm sending it back to get another. The wait will be torture, but I'd rather be without for a bit and get one that I'm head over heels in love with than settle. Thanks dude. I'll do this NGD thread business right when I get the keeper.
Sorry to hear this, hopefully the next one will look better.
Can you have the store take some pics to send to you so you can pick one out?