NGD...SE Silver Sky


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Nov 23, 2017
Tennessee, USA
I ordered a Dragon Fruit SE Silver Sky from John Mann's Guitar Vault on release day. It shipped last week and was supposed to be here last Friday. After a quick joke of the weather map I was sure there would be a delay in shipping. Sure enough, Friday afternoon check of UPS Tracking showed a delivery delay with no ETA available. Saturday morning it showed out for delivery. I was anticipating the normal UPS delivery window, for my neighborhood, between 4 and 6. Surprisingly, it showed up at 11 in the morning. It got a full 24 hours to acclimate cuz it was cold cold cold.

It's a great guitar. Nothing fancy. It does all of the Strat sounds, very well. I like the neck. It's nice and smooth, and the frets are well done. No sharp edges. John and his team did a great job going over it before shipping. Always a pleasure to deal with John and Roxanne and their team.

My only complaint, as it is with any guitar that has this..........the stupid plastic that goes over the pickguard! I hate that stuff. It's impossible to get it all off. There's always a little piece that tears and gets stuck under a screw, or knob. I know, first world problem.

Here are a couple of indoor pics (cuz winter). And a pic with my Panther Pink Pia just for color comparison. I'd recommend the SE SS to anyone looking for a great S type guitar. Definitely worth it.




Very nice…Congratulations!


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Jan 21, 2015
Suburban Chicago
Congratulations JB, that’s a sweet looking guitar.

Hope this one works out for you, I know a Strat style doesn’t always suit you.

What’s the deal with the frets on the Ib?
Me too. At this price I can live with it.

Last 4 are scalloped. I assume that’s what you’re referr to

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Feb 12, 2021
Piccolomini Crater, Luna
Happy NGD Dude! I really like that color best out of the SS SE choices, and I think I like it better than any of the SS choices all together!! Looks great, looking forward to trying one!!! Maybe the Pia could be called "P P P Pia Pet" (like the old Kia Pet commercials from the 80's), killer looking axe, name or not!!!!