NGD - SE Hollowbody


Perpetual musical mid-life crisis
Jun 10, 2013
New England
Doing my part to support small local business while staving off boredom. I actually got it last week but work has thankfully been busy so I’m just getting around to posting.

Full disclosure - I’ve never owned a hollowbody, or even a semi- hollow, in the 8 years I’ve been playing. Clearly I’ve been missing out as this thing is epic! I was after a different sound for playing blues and it definitely delivers there. What surprised me is how much I love it with a healthy dose of gain. It made me dig into my memory a bit to remember those Dave Grohl licks I learned years ago. The clean sounds are also superb - I don’t know jazz, but now I want to!

I like it so much I even ordered a few bits to dress it up - core knobs, Mann satin brass bridge studs, and SE locking tuners. I can definitely see more hollowbodies in my future...



Hard to photo the brass studs, but the match the saddles well and I like the two tone look


Core knobs - I can never see the numbers on the SE knobs at a glance, and I prefer the look/feel of the core knobs

Hard case - they all come that way, or at least they should. It’s decent enough - if I we’re going to transport it a ton I’d opt for something more robust but for sitting around the house it’s perfectly fine.

Edit: from the PRS website:

Weird. Zzounds says gig bag. We'll see.
They’ve been great to deal with in the past and they’re very reputable - I’m sure it was just an oversight/typo.

Agreed. When I bought mine, the sales guy brought it out in a case, and the store owner said, "Isn't it supposed to be a gig bag?" Sales guy said nope - they're in a case. Owner pointed out that the sign from the guitar said gig bag. Sales guy said, "He probably just copied it from another SE. The iollowbodies are all cases." It happens.