NGD SE Hollowbody Piezo (and demo)


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Jul 29, 2019
I am shocked at the quality of my new SE Hollowbody Piezo. The playability and craftsmanship comes super close to my Silver Sky but isnt quite there (the cut of the nut and lack of locking tuners are the only "complaints" and neither pieces are bad by any means).

The neck pickup is warm, smooth and dark but doesn’t disappear in the mix.
I have found myself wanting to use it for jazzy rhythms, Ambient washes, and thick overdriven riffs that can tuck nicely into a mix without disappearing.

Bringing in the Piezo with the Neck Pick up to round out the tone and cover up the Piezo “quack” is where I can see myself using the piezo the most. The Middle Pick up with just a little bit of Piezo Mixed in to me feels like a Strat at the 4th position. FEELS NOT SOUNDS. It is percussive and tight but still with some heft to it.

If you are like me and can find use in a Piezo tone during a live setting then this could be for you. Piezo tones completely isolated have never inspired me but even with the smallest amount of the magnetic pick ups mixed in this can get a great Acoustic tone. I included a short demo video I made below for a example of how someone may use this.