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Sep 14, 2022
Well, my overthinking got the best of me. And to my eye, for the better! Kind of a saga with this guitar, here goes.

I ordered this online from a music store out of state, probably one you're familiar with, but not the big box guys. Their policy for online orders is a 48 hour return window. At the time I ordered this, this was the only Sweetwater exclusive SE Custom 24 they had in stock, and the only place I've seen this model since Sweetwater ran out of stock. So I was going to live with it, but I was thinking and thinking about this top, and I was looking online at other SE quilt tops to calm myself down in terms of possible mismatches and ended up back on their site. They now had another one of these in stock, that I liked better.

This was last Friday, I got the guitar earlier in the week on Monday, so my return window had closed. I still quickly called and asked about ANY options for an exchange since I liked the new guitars top MUCH more! The sales guy called the owner, and he said he'd waive the return window policy if I covered the shipping back to them and would void my return window for the new one. I got the guitar out that day, and this showed up to me yesterday. I am SO much happier with this top, and of course the guitar rips! I love it. It was so cool of them to work with me on this one, knowing they had no obligation to at all.

Here's a few pictures of the new one! Some pictures with normal light in my music room, probably the guitar's natural state, and some with some more light to highlight the quilt and its variations.