NGD - SE Angelus Lifeson

Bill SAS 513

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Aug 30, 2012
Manchester, Maryland
I'd check the PRS site for that model's specs...If your experienced, you can slack the strings and sand the bridge saddle down a little bit. BUT, only if you're experienced. The bottom of the saddle has to be nice and flat to make constant contact with the pickup.I usually check to see if the top of the acoustic guitars have swelled (right term???). Its common on some acoustics for the tops to change/acclimate to a particular climate. Look at the top from the side and you can usually tell if its bulging up a little. ergo...If the top appears to be bulging upward, this will raise the action.


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Nov 9, 2015
I bought one as soon as I played it for the first time. It sounded fantastic, especially for the price. The Lifeson SE is an excellent guitar. The only problem i have is that my 18 year old daughter who also plays guitar has claimed it as her's, not a bad problem to have though since it gives us something to bond over (we love going guitar shopping;my wife not so much ).