NGD: SC245 Artist


The Torture Never Stops
Apr 26, 2012
I've been looking for a new guitar for a while and this one just hit me. Here's a warning that some poor photos will follow. The sun hasn't been out in weeks which makes taking pictures a little difficult. This actually has a pretty strong flame top but you can't tell from the pics.

It's a pretty light guitar that just plays great.



All the talk about the SC594 got me thinking about a SC. I prefer the one piece bridge so I couldn't pass this up.
I had the chance to play a PS 594 at the same time and it was a great guitar. It was the Nov guitar of the month. It was not the right color so I had to go with the SC245 instead. Life sure is rough.
Very sweet g-tar. The singlecut burst finishes are really growing on me lately.
Very nice, congratz! The Brazilian 07/13 are great guitars at great prices to get into an artist guitar. Wish i had kept mine.
This is without doubt the ugliest guitar I have ever seen. You should be ashamed to be seen with it in public. NOW as a friend I want to save you of the embarassent and public humiliation and buy it from you real cheap. Remember only a true friend would offer to do this.
I'm sure the top and color will be very lovely under the sunlight
Congrats on a great catch, Keep on rockin'
Sweeeet! Beautiful sunburst on a perfect top!
I've always had trouble with singlecut guitars but this one just had the right balance. Sits right on a strap and has good upper fret access. The artist package was icing on the cake. I've enjoyed giving the guitar a good workout.