NGD: PS SA Sig P24


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Apr 27, 2012
Raleigh, NC
So I got "the call" from Mr. Meader last Thursday. I had him ship it overnight. It landed safely on Friday. I unboxed it and was VERY happy with the look and feel of the guitar. It is really gorgeous. We had family in from out of town that I hadn't seen in 18 years so I didn't have any time to plug it in or anything. Saturday I was busy with all sorts of things and then had to get packed up for a gig. So I grabbed the new guitar to restring it and tweak the action. Just to be safe, I plugged it into the Smokey amp I keep on my bench to make sure everything was working. Everything checked out so I packed it up in a Mono gig bag and took it to the gig. I play in a Stones tribute band so I need to cover a lot of different electric tones as well as acoustic stuff. So my axes for the show were a custom Warmoth Tele (open G), P22 (open G) and the new PS (standard tuning).

The new PS sounded fantastic. Lots of chime when I wanted it, fatness when I wanted it, the guitar rang great, etc.

When I spec'd it, the goal of the guitar was to be a work horse to cover the roles of a Tele and a Gibson. Given my results with the HB II, adding the piezo was sort of a no brainer. With the tonal goals in mind, I thought about the wood and electronic options that would get me what I wanted. I've always found that humbuckers are less picky about their platform than single coils so I optimized the wood choices for traditional Tele woods - swamp ash body with maple neck. I had also decided that the guitar would be a finish that I don't think looks good with a maple board so I opted for ebony which sounds and responds more like maple than rosewood. For the electronics, I had initially thought I'd go with narrowfields because I love the tones I get with those. But when I got my hands on a Signature I knew what I wanted to do. Obviously, I hadn't heard the Sig electronics with the woods I chose but given how they sound in a mahogany guitar I had a pretty good idea of what they'd sound like with a maple neck and ash body.

Based on the gig on Saturday, I think the choices worked out very well. Going to the tapped positions got me all sorts of Tele goodness (without losing volume!). The humbucker tones are fat. I still haven't had any time to just sit down and play the guitar on my own with an amp. But a gig test is probably a better indicator anyhow.

Take this with a grain of salt since I have not yet done an actual A/B comparison, but I would say that the single coil settings on my PS are much more in the ballpark of a Fender than my Sig LTD and Sig PS. These Sig electronics are really very versatile.









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And where is Mr. Meader working at now . I didn't know he had moved until I went to chucks and he wasn't there.
You sir have impeccable taste. That's the exact guitar spec wise that I started to think up (bar the finish) the other day while day dreaming about a PS. Glad to see it come into fruition. Congrats on a beauty.
Whoa, that is a work of art! Love it. And how cool is it that it's doing what you want in terms of tone?
Ok, so I spent some time doing some A/B/C comparisons with my 3 guitars equipped with Signature electronics:

A) PS Signature Stars and Stripes
B) Signature Limited
C) PS SA Signature Custom P24

A and B are similar - A has more clarity and punch. A has better sustain. In a nutshell: B is great but A is better. My initial perception of C was on the money. For lack of a better term, it is more "Fendery" - both in humbucker and single coil settings. The difference is much more pronounced in single coil settings. The Ash/Maple combination definitely gives the guitar more "spank". A and B are darker and are more "polite" - C just gets a bit more nasty like a Fender.

While I was doing some comparisons, I busted out the Dweezil too. That guitar just fucking kills. It is thick but still very clear - nothing I have sounds as good as that guitar for straight humbucker tones - I think the 5909 in the bridge and 5310 in the neck is a magical combination.
that is a beauty! i actually spent too much time staring at the first picture.
love the inlays too