NGD!! PS Koa for Kine!


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Apr 8, 2013
My Koa Lady arrived yesterday and unfortunately I missed her by an hour. Picked her up today and am just so very happy with everything! This is my first Private Stock and to say I'm ecstatic is an understatement.

She plays incredibly well and sounds absolutely gorgeous!

I really want to thank PRSh and the Private Stock team for offering a program for guitarists to build their dreams. I also want to thank JFB for directing me to Brent Moss who helped guide me through the process. Thanks Shawn for posting some pics in the PSF thread! Also big thanks to the forum for giving me inspiration and the gas to pull the trigger.

Unfortunately the lighting wasn't the best this afternoon. This was the little sun that I could find.

As seen in the PSF thread

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NICE!!! I've wanted to spec a Koa PS since my visit to Hawaii a few years back; I saw some SICK pieces of wood on the Big Island. One of these days...maybe.
man that looks cool.. very unique.. just totally awesome !

cheers to a classy, original spec KINE !!

Enjoy !
Thanks everyone!! Been spending the day putting her through the paces and my jaw's on the floor! The 53/10's pair exceptionally well lending a tight focussed bass, good midrange and bright top end. I can only imagine this deepening over time as the koa settles in. I'm very excited. :biggrin:
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I couldn't be happier for you brother. Your taste is impeccable and this guitar screams PS meets Kine and that's what it's all about when they come out of the oven.
PRS has such amazing maple tops, but something like this stands out so much more because of it's simplicity...pure class and absolutely stunning.
Congrats! I've started saving pictures of things I like if I ever get to do a PS. Yours is in the folder. Very classy!
That's a classic, stately build my friend! Amazing top, neck, and well - everything! Another home run for the PS team!
Simply sublime. Ranks up there with the classiest I've seen out here. Love the Koa accent parts!