NGD: PS 594

Wow! That 594 is killer, congrats. And kudos for being able to put down a dragon and keeping it real!

The difference in price made it a pretty easy decision. I don't buy anything I won't play regularly and the black back on the Dragon would show scratches right away. That might be a guitar that you want to keep near mint. I will say the inlay is just crazy. A work of art to be sure.

On to the point of this thread. I had the chance to turn it up and play the guitar at a pretty loud volume for about an hour to start the day. It was fun. The pickups are slightly microphonic which is a good thing. I'd have to check but I assume they're not wax potted. So easy to get musical feedback at semi reasonable volumes.
About 4 months ago I bought a new 2020 Custom 24 Black Gold Artist series. So impressed by it that yesterday I bought a new 2020 SC 594 artist series in Violet Amber. My thinking was that the 594 would be my "bridge" guitar while I have a Private Stock 594 made which could take a year. And, in the meantime sell my '92 Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus as it would be replaced by the 594. I've now only spent about 2 sessions of 20 minutes each with the 594, but the sound profile is very different than the Les Paul, and seems more similar to the Custom 24, that my current thinking is to keep the Les Paul and when the Private Stock (eventually) arrives, sell both my Custom 24 and 594. I'd never played a 594, but in all the research, I thought that the sound profile was going to emulate a vintage Les Paul, when in fact it's very different, at least to my ear. Both PRSs are fabulous guitars -- a joy to play.
I thought I'd add a few more pics that show off the flame in a different way. It might sound odd but I actually love the look from the playing position. No picture but the flame maple neck binding is very cool.


594 are magic, I love mine and I expect you will love yours. Congratulations and enjoy it!