NGD - PRS SE ZM, aka Dr. Manhattan


Naughty Wood Librarian
Jan 9, 2015
Wilmette, IL
I opened the box yesterday.

I've always liked the Zach Myers, but never vibed with the zebras/faded trampas/ivory tuners.

These new ones took my breath away, and I kept seeing glowing reviews on YT. So I reached out to a few dealers to see when they were coming in, and ended up placing an order with Sweetwater even tho it wouldn't come in til June. Of course my rep calls me last week and sends me these pictures - so I jumped on it!

The deep blue makes me think of Dr. Manhattan: perhaps the most powerful comic book character ever created, and a huge part of the excellent HBO series. I reached out to WECInlay to see if he could do the hydrogen atom logo on a TRC for me. Of course, now I need to find a Rorshach guitar...

Early review:

It's a total looker! The veneers on SEs are getting so good. Headstock veneer raises it up several levels. Clear knobs are super cool. It doesn't look at all out of place hanging next to my Wood Library. The real difference from a core comes on the back, where you see lots of pieces joined. A couple of places on the binding and neck glue that could be cleaner, but no big deal.

The neck is stellar. Satin, wide fat, flawless fretwork and binding. The shorter scale makes it feel a bit slinkier. Incredibly fun to play! Nut seems very well cut.

Balance is perfect. I can put it in my lap and not support the neck at all.

As I suspected the SE pots are pretty stiff, as it the pickup selector. I'll see if I can live with them, or upgrade.

The Kluson-y tuners don't bug me as much as I expected, but I may replace them with something more modern looking and locking.

It's very resonant and alive - you can feel strummed chords in the neck. Pickups rip - I'd describe them as more ballsy than crisp.

First couple are my 'real pix' followed by the obligatory Sweetwater beauty shots.