NGD: PRS SE Custom 24


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Nov 13, 2012
Glasgow, Scotland
Finally got rid of my Ibanez 7 string, Ive came to the realisation im not a 7 string player now. Tried the SE Holcomb 7 and i just for the love of me can't play a 7 string. But i have my SE Mushock, that will do for the low stuff.

However, after trying a Jackson SL2Q MAH in Winterstorm, and looking at a Fender FSR Telecaster HH and a couple of Charvels, however came back to the first 6 string i tried, the SE Custom 24. It played well, felt well made (as i know with my PRS experience from the the past 11 years) and i knew it would sound good. Its balance is bang on, and with a 5th trem string and a new set of strings as its gone straight to Drop B means its going to be playing the heavy stuff.

I have mod plans for it, i have a McCarty Bass and a Seymour Duncan Pegasus for it as it will be doing split duties for Drop B and C Standard. All i need is to get the PRS Clear Knobs, USA 5 way switch, jack and pots and its pretty much done, maybe a change in saddles and tuners to Gotoh locking ones.

The only bad thing is the Korean trem arm is as loose as a goose, and will have to look for a new trem arm as well.

Now, pics right?




Thanks all, i forgot the screw on the back, sorted now.

Been playing it a wee bit there, it is a really nice weight, great balance, comfy neck, a real players guitar. That extra length in the next is brilliant, a great hybrid between a 245 and a Fender length, the 250 length is a really under used, under appreciated length. Im still doing my changes, hardware will be locked in;

Black PRS USA Pickup Rings
Clear PRS USA Lampshade Knobs
Gotoh SG381 Traditional Magnum Locking Tuners 3 x 3

The pickups are now unsure about, Im not sure if a set of EMGs or a set of Fishman Fluence may be better than the Pegasus/McMarty Bass would be ideal as i already have them. It's just how to wire the Seymour Duncan into the PRS 5 way switch diagram?

Bravo to the PRS SE team.