NGD: PRS Private Stock McCarty 594 Hollowbody II


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Apr 3, 2022
It's with great pleasure that I show you the beast that has just arrived in my house in Italy: PRS Private Stock McCarty 594 Hollowbody II.

The customizations on this instrument are the following (in brackets the features that a "basic" Core guitar would have had):
  • Top and back of the body made from one single piece of "AAAAA" flamed maple personally picked up in the vault (instead of two mirrored pieces for each side);
  • Headstock and fretboard with "birds of a feather" inlay, made of flamed maple and ebony (instead of regular rosewood fretboard);
  • Jumbo Stainless Steel frets (instead of jumbo nickel frets);
  • TUSQ nut (instead of bone);
  • Mother of pearl fret dots on the side of the neck (instead of white ink dots);
  • Ebony tuning knobs (instead of metal);
  • Headstock and fingerboard painted in Satin nitro / Body and Neck painted in High Gloss nitro;
  • Natural binding on the body and in the "f" holes (instead of plastic);
  • Top and back of the body in Black Gold Smoked Burst finish;
  • Neck and body sides in Gold finish, matching the Gold on the body (instead of natural "reddish" mahogany);
  • Hard "guitar-shaped" case, in genuine vegetable-tanned leather, autographed by Paul (instead of rectangular case without autograph).

Other features (also on the Core model):

Fun fact: after trying this instrument in person, Paul himself was so enthusiastic that he even signed the case, a "customization" that I never asked for but that made me smile.

The most attentive of you will notice that I haven't altered woods and hardware on this guitar, compared to its Core version: maple and mahogany body, with mahogany neck and 58/15 LT pickups.
I could have placed a brasilian rosewood neck on a ziricote body with 3 pickups but honestly, after talking to Paul in person, I realized how much work and planning PRS went into making this specific model (also the most expensive model in the catalog), conceived to be a smaller and sexier ES-335.
Furthermore, IMVHO it would have been a no-sense to have a guitar named "McCarty" without the woods that characterized the best guitars he conceived in his life.
So I didn't want to change the sound, the weight or the soul of the guitar.
Of course the only exception I made was for the fretboard: that glorious inlay bewitched me and I simply couldn't not have it.

I want to clarify that the guitar will not be preserved in any showcase: it will be regularly played and carried around for gigs until it gets some nice natural relic, since life is one and you need to enjoy it.

As soon as possible, I'll record something with it and I'll let you hear it.
Hope you like it!




What a beautiful instrument!


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Feb 25, 2021
Napoli, Italy
I don't think I have heard anyone else say it, so if you ever have to part with this (I know, you never will, but if . . .), I will move mountains to acquire it from you at a fair price!! Love LOVE LOVE this Beauty, best PS 594 HBII I have seen!!!
Thank you so much for your nice words on the instrument, I'm really glad everyone likes it!
I don't think I will ever sell it, I'm completely in love with it!


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Feb 25, 2021
Napoli, Italy
Thank you all guys.
I'm playing it really a lot and every time I don't play it, I still let it vibrate with a Tonerite.

I'm seeing noticeable improvements in volume (when disconnected from the amp) and especially in mellowness/juiciness of the tone on a guitar that already left me stunned on first use.