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Sep 10, 2022
Well, I finally played one. Never played a DGT before and I’ve always been very curious. Walked into one of my local GCs this morning and there it was on the used wall. Felt solid. Plugged it into a Marshall DSL40 combo, put it on the green channel crunch setting and away I went. Sounded and felt great. The neck was superb. The frets felt slick. The pickups and wiring were, well, fantastic. These are the best Asian made PUs I’ve ever heard and the volume and tone controls reacted as if they don’t need any upgrading. Put it back and played some other very nice guitars. Thousands more dollars. Went back and played it again. The manager comes around the corner and says “that sounds great, what are you playing that through?” He says he hasn’t heard anyone who knows how to use that DSL without making it sound not too good. LOL. I tell him I know how to set an amp to my liking. Experience and all that. Yadda, yadda. We both have a laugh. I tell him I’m buying this now! It’s less than 7 bills AND the previous owner has upgraded it with Ratio locking tuners. Did I mention these pickups are a revelation? OK, yeah I did. I just put it down after playing 2 straight hours at home. Made in January of this year, it’s still practically new. Looks like a core DGT is somewhere in my future. Pics:

I hate this thread. Cos I don’t have one.

Especially hate those high quality tasteful photos from just the right camera angle, and you can see all the delightful details on those moons.
Heck, I didn't even know I wanted one! But I tell you this. After playing this thing here and there for just over the course of 24 hours, you DO want one! 😜🤣 Glad you like the photos. iPhone portrait mode.