NGD - Private Stock P22.................. Yah-mon!


Zombie 27 - DFZ
Apr 26, 2012
18 miles northwest of Phenn Rock City


I dig the 53/10's through a Bad Cat and the pieze through an Acoustisonic.

What a great guitar.
Your love for maple makes me very very happy man hahah This thing is the total package.
That back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the rest too! Nice!!!
My BROTHER!!!! I knew that back was a Master Stroke!!!!

Mega Mega Mega!!!
I can't wait to hear you play some Norwegian Black Metal on this thing. :p

Sweet P22, Marcus Aurelius. That back is stupid nice.
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I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the signature headstock. I'm assuming thats inlaid, right? Also - holy crap, look at that finish detail on the last photooooooo wowowwow
I seriously can't process the detail in that finish job - its blowing my mind mannnn haha
That has to be the most beautifully and even figured Macassar I've ever seen!
You have to tell us how that sounds? Is it very heavy, or did you have it weight relieved at all?
That look, but with a solid RW neck would be my dream if it isn't overly heavy and "stiff" tone wise as compared with a mahogny body?

EDIT: Aah, just noticed that the Ebony is just a "cap" with Mahogny in between that and the maple cap?
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