NGD Private Stock McCarty 594 with Northern Lights Finish

The top is beyond beautiful, but I just want to stare at the back!!! And cool score on the pattern neck.
I picked up my 594 wood library, 2016 model, off of eBay, for right around 4K,
I didn't realize it but I had actually taken a picture of the webpage two years earlier deep in my hard drive.
it was originally $5700. I was very close to buying it just too expensive.
so for two years I guess it floated around,

the eBay guy couldn't remember where he picked it up. still brand-new in its case just in deep storage.

but as I was taking it apart to do pickups swaps I found the sticker in the cavities.
it is also commissioned hand selected wood library by wild West, it is an amazing sounding amazing playing amazing looking guitar,, I always find the most amazing guitars on wild West.
that Northern lights was my number two dream guitar versus a green quilt top is always been my number one.
so I'm very happy to know that my guitar was custom-selected wood library by wild West. Brazilian rosewood, flame maple neck.


Cheers from the wild West, they do chicken right.