NGD: Pleasantly surprised

Yep... I actually kinda prefer the feel/weight of my S2's over my core models...:eek:

Researched string change methods after I got my first Bigsby guitar and use these tricks-

Piece of cake! Easier than a floyd.....
I watched a YouTube video which showed bending the string 90 degrees about 1/2” from the ball end with needle nose pliers. That keeps the ball from springing off the small black post on the Bigsby. It helped a bunch, and my language seemed to simultaneously clean up.

Here's my method - Get that ball-end on the Bigsby, run the string up, * capo * the string around the 9th fret so it keeps tension and then do the dirty work at the headstock. I'm sure there are other, more efficient ways, but that seemed to expedite the process for me.
but I am convinced the S2s are a great bang for the buck.

Bigsbys are a pain in the a$$ for changing strings.

The S2's are a great bang for the $ & thanks for the tip on theBigsbys. I had been thinking about installing one on another guitar
Here's another inexpensive "make it slightly easier" Bigsby restring solution - especially good if you don't like the look of the Vibratmate spoiler... as they say, it's slightly less elegant to use on the import Bigsbys but still works.

Anyway, congrats - love these guitars, I'm very sad they are gone. I have owned an S2 Starla in the past and only sold it due to having too many Starlas... if such a thing is possible/illegal, which it probably isn't...
I dig that Phenny. I bought an S2 Mira a couple of years ago and that guitar sings. I put it up against a myriad of other guitars including high-end PRSi and had other players do the same (at the Dallas Guitar Show) and they all my wife bought it for me. And this guitar is fantastic! I have been wanting to try an S2 Starla for a while, but haven't had the chance.
I’ve been talking up the S2’s for quite a while. They are a great bang for the buck guitar, and guitars like the Vela need absolutely nothing...they are as good as any core model. I have a custom 22 semi hollow which I made a few tweaks to, and it is an awesome guitar. I put a core bridge on it, 59/09 and 57/08 pups, and core is a killer. These two are as good as any of my core models. I hope the keep using this platform to get more folks into the PRS universe!